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giuseppe de mattia 2

Giuseppe De Mattia: Disrupted Drawings

Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 6-9 pm

mhPROJECT, 142 2nd Street, New York


mhPROJECT is pleased to announce Disrupted Drawings, a showcase of works by Giuseppe De Mattia, curated by Vasco Forconi, in the special viewing space at 142 2nd Street, East Village, New York. On the occasion of his first solo show in the United States, the artist will present a new body of drawings made during his brief stay in New York.

Giuseppe De Mattia's approach is divided between rigorous seriousness and radical bamboozlement. With no studio and determined to produce an entire show in a very short time, he directs his focus on an understated, non-spectacular New York City consisting of everyday and ordinary objects, which he studies and explores searching for the supporting materials – advertising posters turned into drawing sheets – and the potential subjects of his own production. The use of modest materials and techniques that allow a fast execution of the drawing is an explicit processual choice but also an amused response to such a condition of instability, an act of resistance by the artist who chooses the path of production at all costs.

The core of his “poetry of poor objects” is the observation and recovery of neglected objects, worn away by the passing of time or discarded from the production processes, employing ever-changing transfigurative and projective practices, giving the objects a new meaning and preserving their intrinsic memory.

Giuseppe De Mattia (Bari, 1980) lives and works in Bologna. After abandoning his studies in Urban Planning at the Politecnico in Milan he graduated from DAMS at Università di Bologna, and worked in cinema in Italy and Portugal. In 2015, he founded the collective “Casa a Mare” with artist Luca Coclite and curator Claudio Musso. He collaborated with “Home Movies - Italy’s Amateur Film Archive” in Bologna. Since 2015 De Mattia curates the editorial project LIBRI TASSO with which he publishes artists’ books. He works with Matéria Gallery (Rome), Nowhere Gallery (Milan) and Corraini Arte Contemporanea (Mantua) and publishes artists’ books with Danilo Montanari Editore, Corraini Edizioni and Skinnerboox. His forthcoming solo show “Dispositivi per non vedere bene Roma” will open on the 14th of September at Matéria Gallery in Rome.



claudia piscitelli

 Claudia Piscitelli Hokusai Life coloured


New York Studio School

8 W 8th Street, New York

Opening Thursday, September 21, 2017 from 6 pm to 8 pm

Exhibition: September 22 – October 4, 2017 from 10 am to 6 pm


The artist will be present at the opening and press preview on September 21, at 6-8 pm.

For any further information please get in touch with Valeria Orani at (516)-849-8404 or email .

RSVP Press Preview / Opening Reception:


Claudia Piscitelli follows an enigmatic and intricate innermost path and rather than simply painting, she challenges the limits and crafty pushes the boundaries of traditional technique until she finds her artistic tools with which she can take off to on a very personal journey. By doing so, she creates work with eyes and ideas which mirror her vast emotional nature.

Her exhibition HOKUSAI LIFE COLOURED is a tribute to the magnificent art of Japan-born Hokusai.

Claudia Piscitelli studies Hokusai introspectively, her goal is to observe in depth and detect his painstaking research until her artistic dimension becomes infused with his art. CP further elaborates her own conceptual world made of colors, traits, all of which is the result of her own interpretation of Hokusai.

Her analysis is wholesome and uncorrupted, eager to establish a contact with Hokusai and contextualize forms, colours, fullness and void, lightness and density.

Claudia Piscitelli lives and works in Italy, mostly in Naples, Rome and Todi. She studied drawing and painting at the New York Studio School, the International Academy of Art (RUFA) in Rome, the International Summer School, Saltzburg and the Slade University, London. Formerly a biologist, she also holds a PhD in Genetics and specializes in Microbiology from University Federico II in Naples. Her work has been exhibited in Naples, Rome, throughout Umbria and London. Her exhibition “Soul Portraits” (20 drawings on paper from her larger “Soul Portraits project”) is currently shown at Pièce Unique Variations in Paris.




 savinio cima ottobre 2017


0cotber 6th, 2017 - June 23rd, 2018

421 Broome Street, 4th floor, New York


The Center for Italian Modern Art presents the first major public exhibition in the United States of the work of Alberto Savinio (1891–1952).

Hailed by poet and critic Guillaume Apollinaire as the paragon of a Renaissance man, Savinio, the younger brother of Giorgio de Chirico, was a gifted pianist, composer, musicologist, critic, and writer, in addition to visual artist. CIMA’s exhibition will highlight in particular the paintings he produced after his 1926 move to Paris, where he was soon immersed in the city’s avant-garde. There, the success of his first solo show brought him a commission for the private apartments of famed art dealer Léonce Rosenberg, where his work hung alongside that of Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, and Francis Picabia, among others. Yet despite his achievements, he is today virtually unknown outside of Italy.

The exhibition, which will comprise about 25 paintings, will explore Savinio’s work through two major themes: imaginary spaces and the family as a site of perilous ambiguity.

More information available on the CIMA web site