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DARIO D'AMBROSI- Pathological Theatre



DARIO D'AMBROSI- Pathological Theatre

Meet actors and musicians from Pathological Theatre

On the occasion of Medea at La MaMa Theatre

Meet with some of the actors from the Company of award-winning director and actor Dario D'Ambrosi's Teatro Patologico- Pathological Theatre, who will present their latest work, Medea, featured at La MaMa Theatre in New York, in October. In particular with Celeste Moratti,actress, Papaceccio e Francesco Santalucia, performers and mmusicians. Dario D’Ambrosi, one of Italy's most distinguished theater artists, has been a fixture of the off-off Broadway scene since he first appeared at La MaMa almost 25 years ago. Changing people’s perceptions of mental illness has been a longtime mission for Dario D’Ambrosi. His distinctive theatrical vision stems from his research living in a mental institution for three months. He is the founder and director of Teatro Patologico, or the Pathological Theater, an innovative drama school that offers classes to people with mental disabilities. D'Ambrosi went even further, launching a full-fledged university, (the first of his kind) a three-year diploma in the performing arts to those with diagnoses of disorders including schizophrenia, manic-depression and autism as well as Down syndrome. Medea, directed by D’Ambrosi, combines professional actors, who perform in English, with a chorus of 14 actors with diverse abilities. This stunning and visceral version of Euripides' tragedy puts its focus on the relationship between language and the human body: the body itself becomes language and means of communication. It was presented, in 2012, at Wilton's Music Hall in London and was awarded the Wilton Prize as Best Show of the Season. It has also been awarded the "Lupa Capitolina" Award in Rome, a Mayoral honour MEDEA Cafe' La MaMa -Ellen Stewart Theatre | 66 East 4th Street (2nd Floor) October 08 - October 18, 2015 Thursday - Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 4pm


Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Entrance : Free