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Borse Di Studio


Borse Di Studio


Il MiBACT offre International Training Projects - ITP,

L'Opificio delle Pietre Dure offers 28 scholarships to be complited by the end of 2018.  Must apply at the Embacy or the Italian Cultural Institute of the country of residence


The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs negotiates bilateral agreements with foreign countries, establishing the terms and conditions of Scholarships offered by Italy to foreign citizens and by foreign countries to Italian citizens.

For the general norms regulating scholarships, available on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please follow the links below: 

Scholarships for foreign citizens and Italian citizens residing abroad (IRE) 

Scholarships for Italian citizens 
Premio “Maria Pia Forte”
Announcement (Bando ordinario) 
List of countries offering scholarships 
Updates and integrations

For Italian and Foreign Citizen under 38 Years old
bando per cinque borse di ricerca sulla cultura barocca