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Scholarships from the Institute

A limited number of scholarships to students who wish to study the Italian language and culture in Italy are offered by Schools and Language Centers in Italy through The Italian Cultural Institute in New York. The scholarships consist of free tuition at universities, schools, academies, or centers where Italian is taught to foreigners.

Applicants must be residents of Connecticut, New Jersey or New York State. Prospective students should visit the websites of the schools they wish to attend to obtain all the information on the courses and services offered. The IIC declines any responsibility regarding the quality of the courses or services offered by the centers in Italy. However, the IIC asks the students to write a brief report on the experience in Italy, evaluating all teaching and organizational aspects of the schools.

Travel Expenses and Room and Board
Travel expenses and room and board are the exclusive responsibility of the scholarship recipients, who will be assisted in the search for an accommodation by the School or Center offering the scholarship.

Communications with the Italian Schools
Once the Scholarship are awarded, all communications and relations will be handled exclusively between the scholarship recipients and the univeristy, School or Center of choice, without the IIC as intermediary.

Scholarships are assigned primarily to teachers of Italian and students concentrating on Italian language and culture, but, if available, also to those interested in the study of Italian for their professions or for the preservation of the Italian heritage. All scholarships are awarded strictly on a merit basis.

How and When to Apply
All applicants must submit an application form (see below) and a copy of their CV at least 60 days before the beginning of the course they wish to attend in Italy. You are, also, advised to send one or two letters of recommendation from either professors or academic authorities. All materials should be sent to:

Italian Cultural Institute
686 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065

To download the Application Form click here

Following is a list of scholarships offered for the current academic year by univeristies, schools, academies and centers that organize language and culture courses for foreigners in Italy:


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